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Powerline Tags Overhead Products
If you don't see it here...We will make it for you
​ Powerline Tags were created to aid in troubleshooting, load balancing, engineering studies, line patrolling, marking a transposition in the line and many more uses. They are highly visible in the day, as well as at night. That is 24 hour performance.
 Reflective ID Phase Tags by​ Powerline Tags, are made of cast acrylic (Plexiglass) and laminated with 3M traffic sign sheeting. At 10 years in service it will still have 70-80 % of its original reflectability. It is the same material that is used on all Federal and State traffic signs.  It is the best material on the market and will hold up to the elements, extreme heat or cold (175*F/-50*F), acid rain, snow, sleet, salt air and, salt water.    
 They are 3 1/2" tall and about 3 1/4" wide. You can install these directly on Cross Arms, Poles, Risers, etc... Each tag is colored per the phase. 
                 "A" phase is red and cut out to the shape of an A
                 "B" phase is white and cut out to the shape of a B
                 "C" phase is blue and cut out o the shape of a C
 There are many uses for these Pole an Cross Arm Reflective Tags. Install them at the sub station feeder, junction poles, UG riser poles, capacitor banks, C-8's or open points, transformer banks, regulators or, strategic locations along a feeder. This aids in troubleshooting a particular phase without having to trace it from the sub station, especially at night.

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NOTE: A-Red, B-White, C-Blue are the most common    used Letter/Color combination but, we make many other colors, letters, numbers. If you don't see what you want... We will make it for you.
Reflective Utility Pole Phase Tags
Utility pole Tags Labels
Utility Phase Tags Labels